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Styles Of Play

Generally there are 2 basic styles of play

Aggressive Player

Aggressive players get the name from obviously playing very aggressively. This involves throwing lots of may into the pot and scaring many people out of their hand. They will normally raise or fold. Agressive Players can be very intimadating, especially during high stake situations. One advantage of being an aggressive player is that other players will not be able to judge your hand strength. If you continually bet, many players will think you are bluffing and if you get a hand, the payout could be very large. A drawback of being an aggressive player is it requires putting more money at risk than would be required by a conservative player.

Conservative Player

Conservative players won't throw there money in a pot if they don't think they can win it. They will only take essential risks and will rarely bluff. They would much rather fold than gamble. If they think they have the best hand they will normally try to "silently" win the pot. The main advantage of being a conservative player is that you give yourself the best odds and when you do play, you'll likely win. There are two major problems for a conservative player; 1) If you don't play in any hands, the blinds and/or ante will take a large toll on your chip stack. 2) It is much harder to get a large pot because very few people will raise or call a conservative player if they belive he has a hand. If you have been playing very conservatively and you bet, most people will fold unless they belive they also have a good hand.

Which One Is Your Style

Well, most people do not play one way or the other. It is very common to play both conservatively and aggressively depending on the situation. Each indivual is different and one method is not really better than the other so it basically comes down to what method you feel more confortable with. When you play aggressive, you may not always win but you can disguise your hand strength well. However, when you play conservatively you will most likely win but your hand strength will be revealed. This is why it is generally a good idea just to mix it up and play both ways. Good luck.

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