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Terms You Should Know

If you want to play poker of any kind, you should probably know must of these terms. There are many more terms that are used in poker, but here are a few of the basics.

All-In: When a poker player wagers all his remaining chips.

Ante: A forced low bet that all players must pay.

Blinds: A certain amount that the two players to the left of the dealer need to place into the pot to    begin the round of poker. In poker, there are small blinds (paid by the person after the dealer)        and big blinds.(paid by the person after the small blind payer). Small blinds are half the big blind.

Bluff: Raising a pot without a good hand in an attempt to make others fold and steal the pot.

Bottom Pair: This is the minimum pair on the board.

Buy-In: This is a certain amount to be paid in order to compete in a poker game.

Call: To make a bet similar to another bet. For example, a bet of $4 was made; to call you simply
   place $4, as well.

Check: Checking means passing up on your turn.

Connectors: These are a couple of cards that are separated by just one rank.

Dealer Button: button passed around to identify dealer.

Flop: This is the three initial cards that are dealt. The flop cards are revealed immediately

Fold: A player who folds gives up all hopes on the hand. Money placed in the pot is considered        gone.

Hole Cards: In Texas Hold'Em, this refers to the first couple of cards dealt to you.

Limp: This refers to a player who calls on a bet pre-flop.

Nuts: This refers to the most favorable hand that you can have.

Overpair: This is a pair that is higher than what is shown on the board. Let's say you have a pair      of kings and the board shows a Q J 2, there is an overpair.

Pot: This denotes all the money bets. The winner wins all the money in the pot, minus the rake.

Raise: To place a slightly higher bet than the original bet. To raise a bet, you first match the              current bet, and then increase it.

Rake: A minimal commission the poker room deducts for the services they've rendered.

Rank: The rank refers to the numerical worth of the card.

River: In the game of Texas Hold'Em, a river card refers to the fifth and final card. The river card    is a significant card to the hand of the player, as it can determine winning or losing.

Suited: This refers to hole cards of the same suit.

Top Pair: This refers to the maximum pair on the board.  

Turn: This card is the fourth card dealt in Texas Hold'em.

Under the Gun: The first player to make a move.

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